Fabiano Alborghetti will represent Switzerland and Italy at 2008 Festival

Fabiano Alborghetti was born in Milan (Italy) in 1970 and lives in Lugano (Switzerland). He has worked as a photographer and as a playwright. His work is included in several poetry anthologies, and he collaborates closely with magazines as well as with various publishing houses as consultant editor.

Fabiano Alborghetti has published Verso Buda (LietoColle 2004) and L’opposta riva (LietoColle, 2006) whose theme is “clandestine” immigrants in Italy, with whom Alborghetti lived between 2001 and 2004. He recently published two limited edition poetry art-books: lugano paradiso (Edizioni Pulcinoelefante, 2008; with a unique work by Chiara Curti for each of the 25 copies) and Ruota degli esposti (Edizioni Fuoridalcoro, 2008; with unique Indian ink drawing by Italian painter Gianni Bolis for each of the 60 copies).

His new collection of poems, Registro dei fragili, is forthcoming from the Swiss publishing house Casagrande Editore. The main theme of this collection is a news story of infanticide in northern Italy.

In 2008, Alborghetti was awarded one of the four literary aid grants allocated by Pro Helvetia (the Swiss Foundation for Culture) for the Canton Ticino.

His poetry – in some ways comparable to the earliest Elio Pagliarani and the latest Giampiero Neri, Tony Harrison and the German Durs Grünbein – has gained the attention, among others, of eminent poets and critics like Gianni D’Elia (Italy), Fabio Pusterla, Giovanni Orelli, and Gilberto Isella (Switzerland).


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