Jean-Michel Espitallier confirmed to attend ’08 Festival

French Poet Jean-Michel Espitallier has confirmed his attendance to the International Poetry Festival.

Incomparable poet Jean-Michel Espitallier (born 1957) plays on various instruments and works along constantly renewed modes of action to keep on playing with the bizarre of language, and test its limits.

Co-founder of the journal Java, coordinator of the issue about « New French Poetry » in the Magazine littéraire (march 2001), he is the author of several books, among which the very controversial Pièces détachées, une anthologie de la poésie française aujourd’hui [Bits and Pieces, An Anthology of French Poertry Today] (Pocket, 2000) and Caisse à outils, un panorama de la poésie française aujour’hui [Tools Box, A Panorama of French Poetry Today] (Pocket, 2006). His Théorème d’Espitallier (Flammarion, 2003), was translated into english by Guy Bennett (Espitallier’s Theorem, Seismicity Editions, L.A., 2005). Fantaisie bouchère (Derrière la salle de bain, 2001) was translated by Sherry Brennan (Butcher’s Fantasy, Duration Press, NYC, 2003).

He curently works on various multimedia projects (sound, video, music, etc., he is also drummer in a punk rock band), and gives readings, performances and lectures in France and abroad. His last book, Army, has just been published by Al Dante. He will publish in 2009 an essay about « Syd Barrett, the rock’n roll and other stuffs ».



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One response to “Jean-Michel Espitallier confirmed to attend ’08 Festival

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